Monday 2 February 2009


"As I have pointed out before : Talent means nothing. Action is
That's simply how I look at it. You're welcome to see it differently.
All I have to do is ignore your point of view."

hilarious quote. proof that human's suck right there. cuz he's (technically) right.

this guy, for all his experience and nothing.
poor guy. bless his heart.
for the millionth freaking time...why has no one introduced into this argument the angle that art brut, marginalia, etc...throw on this? the intent and action in these people's work shuts all this trite shallow crap down.
its as if these categories don't even exist. it never happened or happens.
or either the focus of the argument is so narrow that it presumes to not include this as applicable or these bags of wind "experienced serious artists" are so lost in wanting to show what they know from all the rigor THEY put THEMSELVES through(for what???HAH!), they feel a need to share and perhaps validate. validate their lack of true original talent for the action. and the work. and their will to play the game. to get exposure for their mediocre shite.maybe it is technically executed well,maybe even schooled, but make no mistake, take a deep breath and look's shite.this is basically all of you. its a judgment call and im making it. and its confidence not ignorance that motivates it.

no one in here is dynamic in what they do. NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU.okay, maybe someone is, but i havent seen it.
nothing is happening and it is our fault. the artists. not some gallery or that gallery and its expectations.
what's the goal here? getting a gallery and recognition?sales? if that becomes the focus for you f you."or in other words"all i have to do is ignore you"
again..i respect gallery requests. they are theirs. the presentation is a neutral frame for the "work" and the individuality of the work that many artists seem to think should just innately glow out of their ass.if it is right for that gallery, you'll know and not waste anyones time. especially if you have no taste or sense of self. combine that with talent and action and VOILa! you get what most galleries in the world get.
really really impatient for IT to happen.
and it wont have a pretty presentation when it does, is my guess.
im closer to doing it than most anyone in here simply based on my will to remember and do.
so enjoy correcting how people spell yr name and reflecting on yr old days.
shallow pieces of offal.

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