Monday 2 February 2009

plastic waffle

Dear You,
> the man on the street stares at his lovely lovely city. building by
> building. and figures on reasons enough to climb the side of it.
> hang his self out over the scene. fingers dug into concrete, a
> little expert at nooks and crannies.. cranny? hair in the breeze an
> upside childhood swing at its max, blood rushing down his face .
> have a nice day, atlanta!
> He is a self Serving stage walker with a big circle of light
> guiding or following his tophat, double breasted tweed shagmohair
> human scalp black and white burlap jacket, in his stride.a tux with
> a painted face. a shadow of figures he pretends are there. a cane
> to twirl, made of brown thrasher bones tied together. an old tree
> with a strong limb. that knows some old stories.
> Introducing! The Civil Rights Museum of Co-cola company.With
> Special Guests! brought to you by home depot and a couple of big
> dumb fish.( lumber on some guy's head... aisle two.)
> yes thats right! taste our co-cola products in road uum,
> i mean zimbabwe! come further...
> faith says them kittens in the oven is biscuits. trust us!
> logic says im goin ter git me a big sharp stick ann one day im
> gointer fix that pivot bass on my cannon. (overlooking his city).
> yes, yes. there are castles in atlanta. ancient old castles with
> mothballs and money stuffed away.we're like that old atari
> game...warlords? "where you from?" aint no country i know! this
> here country is gone.
> but my eyes are gone. jabbed with little things. from jabbing my
> mother with a bigger one. so this is my home now. atlanta. stagger
> stagger, drip drip. i stab you some more with my thing. make you drip.
> (overheard)but i like pretty stone mountain and its organ thing
> that echoes and stuff. six flags kicked eff-in "ass". scitrek used
> to be ...okay. fernbank was okay. the cyclorama was dumb.(big
> painting, yesyes). i liked the zoo. the museum was boring. Come See
> The North Georgia Mountains! (they sher are perty this time uh yeer.)
> so here it is . i rip my tummy open and out falls stuffing.
> its a poem: the opening act. The sharp stick and the loose
> cannon, by jeff d.
> the goal is to promote a sense of community amongst artists. hmmmm.
> we applaud ourselves. this is not the poem yet. so stop reading
> like it is:okay. now start reading, like you are reading a poem. it
> is easy. just tilt yr head a bit and make a slightly (this is
> subtle, now) more serious expression. on occassion, nod slowly.
> maybe shift the weight of yr buttcheeks from one to the other.
> poetry. loose cannons sharp sticks something like that...
> okay.
> A Gathering Mass of Strange Twine. Special Guests brought to you in
> part by our sponsor, special guest smiles,inc. a shimmering mass of
> text broken down into its fundamentals,little letters, different
> yellow and blue floatiing in the air. shimmering minds
> in a closed curcuit time. love like snakes and strange nods for
> sake a tombstone cradle, a cubicle capturing wake. a child
> laughing. listening as we age. Caring & Showing! We are Now
> Thinking! doing it for yrself makes you happy. knowing you dont
> belong to yr own greater goal is self awareness. success is
> radiating a comfort withyourself...being yrself. artistic success
> is when your vision transfers this. but no one asked you to go into
> public with it. that wasnt the poem.
> i want to invite you to an exhibit that is all about you.
> and i mean. you. Me? might be saying...yes "You".
> not me. you. yr whats important. atlanta artists. silly me.
> eggtooth ist rad.

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