Monday 2 February 2009

Eggtooth's Artist Survival Scheming, by eggtooth
classes will be held in my shed at midnight on most nights.
just come around back and close the gate quietly or you'll wake my dog.
payments can be made with writing.
1st class: the lie that told the truth
2nd class: how to be friends with artists who make great art that you think are a-holes
3rd class: clothing. this is everything people. gaaawsh.
4th class: your art doesnt matter and why
5th class: YOU are the new gallery
6th class: preassigned politically hot topics made for you and your style
7th class: fake your suicide (and pricing your soul)
8th class: (optional) the messianic paradigm
9th class: your art is everything and why
10th class: individuality and its existence
11th class: decorative art and sexuality
12th class: politics of the imagination

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