Monday 2 February 2009


It was the spring of 89 and i was in a van with two of the members of Love Tractor, Jeff Caulder and this woman that somebody said was in the Butthole Surfers. We had all done some acid and were driving up to see Pylon in Athens. They were discussing the goings ons when suddenly..Pow! A flat. we were in total darkness in that inbetween area of nuthing out there. and i was scared. i was a roadie type punk, but mostly i was there to walk their dogs. We had a bull mastiff, a chihuahua, and a yellow lab (with the runs) in this van with us. along with a bunch of equpiment. it kinda sucked. the guy driving was blaring a warbled warped version of an S.T.O.D album the whole way. Would not stop. He actually decided at one point to drive on on the flat and left us out there. but he did come back. in the interim, somebody wandered off into the field with the chihuahua and i honestly don't remember them coming back.
but anyways, i vaguely remember digging out a spare tire and putting it on for them while they did more drugs and blared more music. it echoed across the field. the stars were beautiful . i remember noticing the sign for cancer overhead and seeing a shooting star. made me think of that scene in Jaws where roy scheider has a star shoot over his head and then i became afraid a shark was gonna come out of the field, like in children of the corn,rolling land hump style, or saturdaynight live. but it didnt. they yelled at me because i zoned out, pretending i was chumming instead of screwing the tire back on.
so we get to Athens and it is daylight and we want breakfast. there's only me and one member of Love Tractor and somewhere along the way we had picked up a couple of infants. and im not talkin even walking. two infants are in the seat with us. i think the owner of the Mastiff had them. there was a woman there, right? and she's was weraing this torn Kinnetic Dissent shirt that revealed most of her chest. which in my state, all i remember is they(the two) seemed to be literally crawling with acne. Not unlike a swirling red constellation on a fleshy sea of tissue. i vomited right there in the rest ow! rant. then so did the infants.

i got left there with the check. i dunno what happened to the member of Love Tractor.
I think i saw him at Golden Pantry a few months ago when i went up there to see Tony Hawk at their new skate park.He had an amazingly full head of hair. he and i (tony)are friends. remember tony alvarez? he might know what happened to those guys. i sure don't.

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