Monday 2 February 2009


highway braided turn on the hamlight tonight's fright is big text written in white and im the guy slinging the tar. no cold beer for me you sons of bitches. blast the furnace on me in the august sun. i see patterns and faces line my site sneek up from behind and it looks like you. my eyes sting because im a real person. burning down my face, inmy mind. because im a man and therefore, an idiot. cant ever know myself so i operate oblivious to it while the female in me writhes and spits with a loss for words. who knows what is right anymore why am i here i exercise and laugh and the rush it gives me i imagine im alone or i imagine im on a throne, being flushed down the shitter chuckle but fuck you. and yr empty reflection yr hip jerk reactions (hypocrite idiot) who are you. what the hell is all this stuff floating in the air around me, my hair is falling out digging my chewed nails into my stained pale face imagining this christian bitch from my teenage years school bus
retreat to hard labor creek, god save me, fuckinjg sanctimonious cunt(pardon), i could go back in time i swear i'd pull yr entrails out and wrap them around a cross and set you on fire in front of the whole congregation. how sweet the sound you back stabbing whore. fuck you. and fuck all of you too.telling everyone i was beaten and abused you fucking whore ripple effect here i sit clackity click who gives ashit i cant focus on shit and i hear her...i over hear her..imnot actually listenig to petra in those headphones. i hear you. telling them to "be nice" to jeff. fuck you. if you ever decide to have a child dont step near me. ill rip it out 8 months in with a shovel and toss into a frozen lake little fucker come out spoutin yr lies,mendacious liar. i hate you and i hate you too on the otherextreme empty lazy blamer of the conservatives, waaaaah. idiots. give me a fucking break. im crying because i ve come to a resolution. you don't exist to me. i exist to serve this giant
conglomerate in whatever way i can. whats this attention pleading shite i drivel drip on my audience, my lovely droogs, fuck you. this is crap this isnt even worthy of the emporers new clothes. jesus wept i wish i believed in something but everythng i thoughts the weight of it all so dirty so ugly so much lies so much i wanna consume and rule. twist this up and stick it somewhere golden glitter hair world spinning i dont care i cant stare into your eyes for too long because i hate you. there he is this is you see the nature in it? hater. im not evil but i wish i was im just this guy that is torn and open and laughing at the brutality of apathy because what is it i want?
ill tell you?
1st: i presume to know what good is. it is no longer subjective. come ask me. i will tell you.
2nd: if you are doing shit, that's fine. simple as not concerned. there are galleries for you and your still born trite. fuck politically correct shit.
3rd: if you have an honest reaction to something: tell them. loudly and with passion. if yr creative do it creatively, cuz chances are you aint got no money.(irony)
4th if someone tells you they like what you do...take it to up to them.see where they are comng from. if they suck. fuck em. if several people tell you yr great, become a bloated ego maniac. you deserve it. elevate yrself and play the part.expect weird idiotic me.
5th this is what cant be forced. slow application of this state of mind will find bodies merging. things happening. many of you are great goddam it. id kill to have half yr fucking talent.
6th sixth is to show this whole number thing dont mean shit
7th: forget money. there are no big ideas only doing. something i cant seem to do?. yes i am telling you what to do. find yrself surrounded by people doing, eschewing those that arent relevant with no compunction whatsoever. react to those that up and be open. say stupid shit and admit that its stupid shit.laugh goddamit. freeflow.these arent yr friends. this is a responsiblity. it has not to do wit h money i swear it . meet in the other artists. weed out the irrelevant keep the good. dont try to fuck them you slave to your basic instincts. work with them.

8 these arent your friends. this is for the city. this is for mankind...i presume to dig into your intentions. good can emerge from anywhere i know i know,, but my soul says that it can be nipped at the bud by something from the get go.and so often it is. maybe you just are who you are. but maybe yr...not? yeah. that's it.
fuck yr sales and yr pretty slick maggot ridden pretty things, you know n yr heart the difference. if you dont. thats fine, ilove you just the same, but yr useless as tits on a boar. yr the twelth kitty in my ten titty litter.. the ones that glow. . go cut your nipples off and feed them to a salamander. enlightened ones. i envy you. just please stay here in atlanta goddamn it.

fuck this sux. im an idiot. i tried to put it in words, and so there you have it... fuck it.
ill do it myself. like my posts?
buncha fuckin idiots.
EGGTOOTH (the village clown, great if you have a sense of humor (schadenfreud type) but if you dont, dont.

how would she say it?
to you is a fuck, fuck fuck for you. to you i say fuck you. to you.twice.
im empty of content.
no. thats not right
so this is how i go about urging a loving sense of community amongst artists. pretty great, huh? urging...supporting...whatever. pissing on it. its all fake anyways, and we dont even hav ethe material to have a fake seen. thats the hilarious thing of it. lemme hand pick some of you dick holes and tell you what to do. fuck you.

gosh my writing is so great.

whatever. i know the truth.
i wish i could be yr servant, instead im yerchambermaid.
ill take the job gladly if i may. u can see ive nothingbetter to do.

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