Monday 2 February 2009


speaking of coke. has anyone here been to the international artists alliance guild cubicle farm space things...jesus.
talk about sacharrin. talk about robot sweat. talk about "shut up" .id rather run an empty mouth than an empty paint brush. (obviously)
no one said it was easy. can't make a SINGLE WEAK CHOICE.NOT ONE. or you've cheapened it. you've smeared shit over the surface. let's put some lipstick on this pig, bobby! theres not enough oxygen for this journey. my, that turd sure has a nice patina! where's it from?
why i got this turd in miami circle!
my what i nice turd!
but anyways....congrats on yr "technique" huff in what?
look at me i can type! oh oh, but there's no content!
congrats you can what? sculpt? write? act? ...what? sing? sing for me then. go get a mystical neu age dick wash massage in a purple room with fairies and gentle aroma cd's. good god. damn. it. this ACTUALLYexists at the artist interspacial allegiance to saccharin studios. well. i dunno about the dick wash, but spa sydell will do it for a hundred bucks.
oh look at me im concerned with disappearing buildings! make that fucking building on huff road disappear, dear god. put yrselve's in a container somewhere else, call a taxi and drive it off into lake pontchartrain. go lick timmy's gold belt buckle.
guess i gotta be supportive of something eventually...right?
International artists guild, alliance...whatever.fucking slaves. why why why? place should have the stench of mothballs and plastic covered couches to add to the ambiance.couple copies of the "living bible" maybe a pump around back to fill yr face with prune juice. one of those END TABLE DECOR lite up stringy things with gooey beads glistening down its stream. track lighting. steely dan muzak.maybe some lawrence welk bubbles. some guy with an accent you can't finger asking you for money...
what the fuck is this.? coke is it.?
erkle voice: "egregious freewill of the subterfuge of the serum in the specimen of the eeeeeeeeeeevil carbonated beverage , in the advert that subverts and coexists in the subterannean blah blah blah yadda yadda stiff as a goddamn board reactionary same old same old played out horse shit.whats yr keyboard made out of? giant metal levers and big red buttons? ....offender of human rights of the big corporate entity that stifled the stiff dick in yr nose while you write your stodgy plodding writing, for the love of gawd. im so passionate! im so.....liberal! i care about the people, im outraged.ooooooooh aaaaaaaaaaah. the manufacturing co. plant churns little babies fingers into shoe laces while americans eat the remnants like a biggie fry snack after their 8pm dinner and their commiserating with the reality on their i-pod why fi! coffee shop trite talk so concerned flakes of shit. loook at me im an activist! look at me im in atlanta! you aint doin shit. nobody's watching. or
reacting....throttle me. COME ON GODDAMN IT. THROTTLE ME! wanna keep the gallery doors open....sacrifice yr bishop idiots. OR.... we can continue in this lazy laughable circle. oh look another bottle tree inspired exhibit.hi! ! oh look a folksie guy with his neat-o glazed over seen before environment ,but when it comes down to it...why did he drive here? he probably asks himself the same question. nice guy, he is.(.the receipts were funny)... FROM ALABAMA. oh look racial riots. fuck that. im over it. i just hear you. AS AN INDIVIDUAL. and have been since the early fucking 90's. that's me, tho. thats when i woke up. scratch that. atlanta needs that shit. sadly true.
shit. i just went and took a shit. pulled my pants down sat down on the seat and alowed feces to spill forth from my white ass..some pee pee action. i then wiped and stood up. pulled my pants up. washed my hands..oh shit...did i wash my hands? hold on.

okay. breathe. relax. focus.gotta eventually be supportive.
"he's just angry and confused" NOOOOOOO. maybe im missing the target, but at least im keeping myself aware the mother fucker is out there. liars. what is it i wanna see happen? the same thing you guys do. i want non profiteers to survive.i want them to be the big burly scuzzy muscle of brilliance. the cess pool of weirdness, newness, the generalized voice of now. i want the image and ideal of art in atlanta to shift from empty decor to thinking man town. neither l.a or new york. atlanta. a strange hybrid ...dirty dumb soil growing genius weeds. look at us. pay attention or we'll bite yr ass. turn yr back on me again. I dare you. want the voice of now? yr sitting at yr computer reading it. at yr computer at yr computer at yr computer at y r comp uter at your cpmoter at yr gattccaacca ttgcc a gaatt acc gattac gttaaacc aaaaaccttgtccag000001011100101010101010101010111100001101010101

you shut up. have some patience and shut up.listen. think.feel.
ive got nothINg to lose.
( a need for the use explitives is a sign of ignorance)

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