Monday 2 February 2009


Grey Flippers with an issue of artpapers and an i pod. Ivory tusks and a
he was trying to give a polar bear a hug.
a polar bear a hug.
but the polar bear was on his laptop and on the phone
a cell phone. shaped like an ancient bone. with a can of peas drawn on it.
one of those things on his head, stuck to his ear. an ear shaped like an ice hole.
he was yellow and white and fuzzy like he was
On The Go!
Big wrinkled flipper all red from pressing his inbox key, the walrus smiled at the polar bear. "i have a friend!"
"i know the feeling bobby!" said the walrus, as he waved at the bus and all the lovely people.
its know what that is? asked bobby the polar bear with yellow and white hair.
what? anything can happen day? snipped the walrus and made his ears round for a second.
"yep! "
So what you up to?
"Im going to an opening in the basement of the Ga. Aquarium.. some octupi bros of mine are doin this performance piece during feeding time, kind of an improv/ happening thing..."
"really?", the walrus looked up at the sky looking for a way to duck out. a hawk circled in the sky somewhere over buckhead. he wished it was a vulture for a second.
he hit his delete key and turned into a billboard with a big red circle swoosh thing, dropping a single tear. a dogwood bloomed.shaped like a dollar bill.

somebody post something amazing.
uh may zing.

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